THE THRONE - Ice Breaker Tournament

Information and Format

THE THRONE will showcase our four BEST OF BEST SERIES teams and four ELITE out-of-province teams.  This tournament is designed to prepare TEAM EAST / TEAM TORONTO / TEAM SOUTH CENTRAL & TEAM ALLIANCE  for their series that begins in August each and every year. In 2022 the tournament will have a 2010 and 2011 division ONLY which will showcase the BEST players in Ontario

• Out of Province teams will ALL stay at the same hotel (Pan Pacific - Toronto)

• A welcome ceremony will be held on Thursday night for all out of Province teams at the Pan Pacific Hotel (the founder / organizer will host this ceremony)

• Each division will have 8 teams guaranteed (4 x BOB teams and 4 x Elite out of Province teams) 

• This is a 3 day Tournament (Friday to Sunday)  

• Games will start as early as 8am on the Friday  

• Championship games will be held at 4pm on the Sunday

• All games will be played at Scotiabank Pond (Toronto)  on pads 1 and 2 

• All teams are guaranteed 5 games  

• All teams will have 2 x games on the Friday & 2 x games on the Saturday  

• Quarterfinals | Semifinals | Championship Games will all be played on the Sunday  

• All games will be 3 x 15 min periods 

• All games will have a 5 min warm up 

• All out-of-province teams will play our four Best of Best teams in round robin play

• Once the round robin is complete, the quarterfinals will be played as 1 vs 8 | 2 vs 7 | 3 vs 6 | 4 vs 5

• Music will be played during all stoppages  

• MVP awards will be announced after each game by the organizer  

• Champions will receive a TOP IN CLASS gold medal for all players and coaches  

• Finalist will receive a TOP IN CLASS silver medal for all players and coaches  

• All teams will get to keep the same dressing room for the entire tournament 

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