Best of Best Series

Who We Are 

Four years ago, Best of Best Founder and Owner Joshua Ross started with a simple idea: to determine which area of Ontario could produce the best hockey team. And with that idea, the Best of Best Series was born! Along the way, Ross has developed a series that gives players and their families a once-in-a-lifetime experience that cannot be beat by anything else on the Ontario spring/summer hockey circuit. 

The idea behind the Best of Best Series is simple: Minor hockey leaders from each of the four major regions of Ontario unite their best players in a particular age group and build a cohesive team that can take on the top competition from other areas. These teams play each other two times, giving the feeling of experiencing success and failure while growing as a team. In the end, the top two regions meet in the Championship Game!

The elite competition of the Best of Best Series simply cannot be beat. But great games are just one of the ways that the Best of Best experience is a special one. This series allows young players to take centre stage, whether through daily post-game interviews, a memorable skills contest, live streaming of games, player of the game selections or an eye-popping bounty of awards throughout the competition. 

Heading into its fourth summer, Best of Best will feature three age groups – 2011 | 2012 | 2013. Tryouts in all regions will take place in late December and early January, with rosters unveiled later in the winter. 

With so much talent, passion and enthusiasm behind this event, the Best of Best Series has already become the most coveted competition on Ontario’s summer hockey calendar!

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